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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools Ruled Constitutional by Supreme Ct

"A three-week intensive indoctrination into the Islamic faith by a California public school district was allowed to stand by the U. S. Supreme Court last week. A California federal trial court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had earlier ruled that such indoctrination was constitutional."

What the hell is wrong with the U.S. and christians? Why is the U.S. allowing the evil and violent Islamic religion to gain more influence while strictly restricting the influence of Christianity? I think the U.S. has went overboard in promoting so called "diversity", the U.S. did not prosper because of "diversity", Christian Europeans made the U.S. the greatest country on earth, although I believe certain amount of diversity is beneficial, I myself is benefiting from the U.S.'s policy of diversity, but too much diversity WILL RUIN THIS COUNTRY!

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