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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jimmy Carter:"Iraq Invasion, One Of The Greatest Blunders of US President."

"Jimmy Carter: "Iraq Invasion...One Of The Greatest Blunders That American Presidents Have Ever Made"..."

Blunder? During the Bush Administration, the U.S. conquered TWO medium sized countries, Afghanistan and Iraq. The USSR spent 7 years trying to conquer Afghanistan and failed. The US did it in 7 weeks. In ANY other country, this would have been called "great achievement", "glorious victory" or "greatest leader".

Of course we could understand why Mr. Carter is jealous of Bush's great achievements, considering how much of a failure Mr. Carter was when he was president.


Samir said...

So what the soviets conquered afghanistan but they failed to put down the insurgency. a wider area makes US troops more vunerable. More able to fuck up.

digitalpasha said...

It was not the invasion that was the blunder of the war, it was the actual aftermath of the war that was the greatest blunder. In no way did Bush forsee what would happen after the war, hell he didn't even know that there were 2 main sects of muslims in iraq.

After the war Iraq fell into Civil war and is constantly being torn apart, and America -being the invaders and now Overseer of Iraq, has to deal with this problem, and boy is it costing alot of money, men and time.