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Sunday, December 03, 2006

What would I do?

The story is:
"Radio host Jerry Klein suggested that all Muslims in the United States should be identified with a crescent-shape tattoo or a distinctive arm band."

I commented on digg:
"Why not? If Muslims prove to be a danger to American people, they should pay for what their people has done."

a digg user "Xeth" replied:
"What would you do if there was a terrorist attack in the US by an Asian group, march yourself into a concentration camp?"

So here is what I would do, if there exists a group of Chinese terrorists that try to kill innocent American people in the thousands, I would personally go after them to make sure that they are not to able operate any longer. I would do my best to rid my people of the evilness. This is why there are NO Chinese terrorist groups, we do not engage in terrorism against innocent people, and when there is Chinese terrorist groups, we go after them! The Muslims has not done so, therefore, they are collectively responsible for these acts.


Anonymous said...


Two things - you live in a democracy, but you don't practice it on your blog by censoring all comments.

Next, try to understand English grammar - the poster you quote from Digg is trying to tell you YOU as an Asian will be marched into a concentration camp - you seem to be missing the point of collective responsibility.

First, you need to define terrorism - One man's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter.

If you want to go on the collective responsibility bandwagon, then why don't you personally go after the Chinese government who engages in terrorism against the Tibetans?

I, including millions of others, happen to view China's persecution of the Dalai Lama and Tibetans as "terrorism". So why aren't YOU doing something about it?

Take the next plane to Beijing and go do something about the problem then OR , as I suspect - by your definition, that isn't "terrorism"

Since you're an American citizen, why don't you sign up for the US Army to go kill terrrorists instead of sitting comfortably at home and writing in your blog?

You need to learn more about geopolitics and US government policies (which is why they FAILED miserably in Iraq - not "conquered" as in your previous post - any why all the NATO generals are saying Afghanistan is spiraling out of control and the forces need to be withdrawn)

Just reading your previous posts shows you have a poor grasp of English you have a very narrow perspective on geopolitics.

Stay out of politics until you understand your government's role in geopolitics, and the role they play in fueling the Arab-Israeli and India-Pakistan conflicts, and when you get educated enough, come back. And while you're at it, it wouldn't do some harm to learn about your own country CHINA's suppresion of "terrorism" or their human rights violations.

Your comments clearly show that you're a young person with no real experience in life - trying to make himself heard but you won't be because clearly you lack the intelligence.

Go play on your PS3 or Xbox - and street race your ride (probably a Civic) until you get some world experience - and let other American soldiers go and fight to kill the "terrorists" so you can keep doing so.

Eddie said...

first off you are very ignorant in the sense that no government or people should be able to control a group of people like this because of what a few have done. Hitler did this with numbering the jews just because he felt they made more money and created more business.

Also no chinese terrorist? Well I would call what is being done in China to their people terrorism and an absolute atrocity. So look at your own people closer you are no better if not worse.

KoKo said...

spiritflare, you are mixing up government action with terrorism. Please go back and read up on definition of terrorism. I don't like the Chinese government, but what they did was NOT terrorism. The U.S. government has never called Sadam a terrorist, got it?

La Deer said...

Because Muslims have not collectively done so [to rid of terrorism among themselves] so they are collectively responsible so they can be discriminated against as a group? That is a failed logic because:

1. In distinguishing "Muslims people," Chinese people and American people you are already stereotyping and generalizing Americans by races when in fact they are all individual American and each person differs uniquely from one another. In other words, you do not represent the thought of all Chinese people, neither does any Muslim necessarily behaves/thinks like every other Muslim. To distinguish and label their actions by races just because there seems to be a higher percentage of terrorists among a certain ethnicity you are violating these people's rights.

2. People who hate American have different reasons. There are Christians who hate American culture/national identity; there are Muslims who hate American culture/identity; there are Chinese who hate American culture/identity; and heck, there certainly are Americans who hate American culture and identity (such as the Oklahoma City bombing). You must dissect the motive behind each faction and analyze case-by-case.

Gary Chou said...

i left a comment with the wrong (old) alias. this is my correct (new) alias.