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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Top 11 signs your ISP doesn't support Net Neutrality

Signs Your ISP Doesn't Support Net Neutrality

11. Every URL you enter manually resolves to
10. Your ISP lets you know when your Amazon packages have arrived.
9. There's a loud whirring noise at the switching box outside every time you access the Internet.
8. You only see every other pixel in online images.
7. There's a "pr0n downloading" surcharge on your bill.
6. The delay in your Skype conversations make them sound like they're being beamed through the Mars rovers.
5. YouTube videos only play at half speed.
3. You can't access web pages that contain your ISP's name, and the word "sucks."
2. Every site you visit is labeled as "Comcastic!"
1. Your Netflix DVDs arrive faster than your Bittorrent downloads.

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